The Opinly Story

Join us in embracing inclusion and have a positive impact on your people, company, and community.

  • Start

    Marci Alt and Thomas Ryan-Lawrence, founders of Gayborhood, were introduced to Chirag Chaman, a technology expert, when working to upgrade Gayborhood’s technology. During that process, a broader conversation about how to end discrimination for all marginalized groups began. While Gayborhood continues to be an amazing resource for the LGBTQ community, its platform was not the right solution for tackling discrimination in the broader scope. The three realized the best way to combat discrimination is through education and support and together, founded Opinly.

  • See

    In the year before Opinly launched, we received many inquiries about how to properly train employees in diversity and inclusion. Some business owners were motivated by state laws or guidelines mandating anti-harassment training. Others were driven by the well-known benefits that inherently come when a culture of inclusion is present. Some wanted to accomplish both of these goals while making the world a better place. With that, Opinly was born. We are proud to offer a robust online platform that includes ongoing training programs that are memorable and engaging and drive tangible results for your business. At the same time, we provide an avenue to help your organization address any diversity & inclusion issues that may happen to come up in a positive, forward-looking and legally-compliant way.

  • Grow

    “The capacity to learn is gift; the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice.” -Brian Herbert. Learning is a lifelong endeavor, both in business and as individuals. Ongoing training and feedback is proven to be more effective than a one-shot deal; the latter became the standard for training programs in the past even though it’s proven to be cost prohibitive for many organizations. Our founders’ training and technology background allows Opinly to offer a continuous and ongoing training program coupled with a solutions platform in a cost-efficient and effective way.

  • Change

    Opinly goes beyond a check-the-box training program to provide a complete platform. This allows employers to map employees’ skills and gaps, further develop employees’ knowledge and to provide a channel to handle any incidents that do occur in a lower-risk, compliant, and more forward-looking way than would be possible otherwise. The training component of the platform is uniquely ongoing and bi-directional. Instead of employees snoozing through a presentation and calling it a day; we deliver information in bite-size chunks in an engaging way and test and probe employee’s knowledge to refresh insights and address gaps. We focus on real-world situations where solutions are not always straightforward as opposed to obvious or contrived examples, thereby helping to ensure your company does not become the next headline.

The People Behind Opinly

  • Thomas Ryan-Lawrence

    Chief Executive Officer

    "So many people do not realize their unconscious biases. Opinly is here to not only uncover those biases, but also teach us how to treat each person with dignity and respect. When everyone feels welcome and included, companies thrive!"

  • Marci Alt

    VP – Business Development

    "As an entrepreneur for nearly thirty years, I appreciate the importance of diversity and inclusion in my businesses. I’ve seen first-hand what happens when leaders create inclusive company cultures. Employees are happier and in turn, they take better care of customers."

  • Chirag Chaman

    Chief Strategy Officer

    "I started my first company in 2000 and for 10 — 12 years was oblivious to all the biases I held. Addressing and overcoming them has made an immense positive change in my personal and professional life. Employees become leaders when they are respected and valued."

  • Nick Benedict

    Chief Marketing Officer

    "What inspires me about Opinly is that it empowers businesses to do good while doing well. The platform helps employees develop and apply outstanding interpersonal skills, regardless of the background or worldview of the person with whom they are interacting, and provides a channel for sensible and compliant resolutions to any issues that do occur. I would be proud to be part of that even if it didn’t make the world a better place - but it does."

Ready To Embrace Diversity & Inclusion?

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