Diversity and Inclusion is more than a seminar. It is a culture!

Long lasting success​ is created when diverse ​people work together​ in harmony to achieve a common purpose. Our founders have nearly fifty years of experience working with marginalized groups and guiding businesses on creating a more diverse and inclusive culture. This leads to higher employee morale, lower turnover and ultimately, a more profitable business.

Why Diversity & Inclusion

  • Innovation

    When you bring people of different backgrounds together, they come up with different ideas than a room full of the same type of person. Diverse teams are more creative and innovative in organizations than homogenous teams.

  • Culture

    It’s not just about retention, but also increasing your talent pool. Millennials are the most diverse generation in the workforce in history and they want to see diversity and inclusion represented in the companies where they work.

  • Brand

    People are not just employees, they are consumers too. When your organization is both diverse and inclusive, you will be better equipped to reach your target market of consumers through innovative and creative marketing and communications.

See the Benefits of Opinly

  • More than a training program, Opinly is a platform to promote inclusion. We don’t just train and go away. We support your entire organization 365 days a year.
  • Well-rounded courses that use practical, real-world examples that are relevant to today’s workplace. You and your team will receive updates based on relevant real-world scenarios as they happen.
  • Learn powerful inclusion tools and techniques that have proven effective in fostering a harmonious workplace including: addressing uncomfortable situations, building stronger relationships, and how to recover from a mistake.
  • A consistent focus on inclusion leads to happier employees that provide exceptional customer service, drive new business, and ultimately can lead to cash flows 2.3 times higher per employee than non-inclusive companies.
  • Peace of mind. Sleep better at night knowing your company is compliant with federal and state laws, and has mitigated risk of legal action and regulatory missteps.

Ready To Embrace Diversity & Inclusion?

Join Opinly and unleash the power of your team. Increase employee engagement and company morale while decreasing turnover.