Diversity & Inclusion

Organizations thrive when they provide an inclusive environment for employees, customers and partners. Teamwork, communication and creativity flourish when people have the skills to better relate with one another, regardless of their background, identity, or worldview. Opinly’s Inclusion Platform educates and inspires organizations, in a forward-looking way to comply with state and federal regulations.

Proven Diversity & Inclusion Training

  • Comprehensive

    Diversity & Inclusion is more involved today than it was 15, 10, even 5 years ago; it’s not enough to talk about race and gender anymore. As you can see below, our training begins with building a foundation and then dives deeper into diversity and inclusion topics that are relevant in today’s world and apply to everyone in your organization.

  • Immediate Results & Feedback

    After each training module, employees must pass a quiz to earn their certification. Opinly quizzes focus on real-life scenarios and the application of the training material rather than simply testing on vocabulary and legalese. Afterall, what’s the point in knowing the terminology if your employees don’t know how to apply it?

  • Convenient

    There’s no need to disrupt business operations by clearing out time for a half-day seminar. Your employees participate when it’s convenient for them in a stress-free, self-paced learning environment. New modules are released regularly ensuring training is an ongoing process in your company. Opinly is also effective for training across multiple locations.

Progressive Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

Sexual harassment of any kind is unacceptable and in the recent years, we have seen it at the top of our social media feeds, in the news, and in our daily lives like never before. As companies continue to become more diverse, new instances of sexual harassment appear. It’s time to put an end to it now.

  • What is Sexual Harassment?

    Opinly explains in a simple manner the different types of sexual harassment, including quid pro quo, hostile work environments and how to avoid these situations.

  • Effects of Harassment

    Understanding the possible legal ramifications of harassment is not enough. That’s why our training goes further and teaches the effects harassment has on the victims, including mental, emotional, and physical.

  • Conflict Resolution

    How do you stop a uncomfortable situation from progressing into a more serious one? Here, we look at specific examples in the workplace and how to avoid them moving forward.

Compliance & Risk Management

  • Regulatory Education

    When you’re running your business, you’re focused on you employees, your customers, your level of service and your profits. At the speed regulations are changing today, it’s often difficult to keep up. New York and California recently mandated all employees complete Sexual Harassment Prevention training. While more states are likely to make such training mandatory as will in the coming years, many companies are taking a proactive approach to ensure their employees feel valued, appreciated for who they are, and respected in the workplace, whether the law requires it or not.

  • Compliance

    Opinly includes a full-scale compliance review for all of our members. Through this process, our team reviews your Sexual Harassment Prevention Policy, Anti-Discrimination Policy, and Anti-Retaliation Policy to ensure they are written in accordance with HR best practices, thereby providing the highest level of protection for your employees and your organization. Additionally, we’ll review your Incident Resolution Process and ensure you have policies that address ADA (Americans with Disabilities), ADEA (Age Discrimination Employment Act) and GINA (Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act).

  • Risk Management

    The cost to litigate just one suit ranges from $10,000 to $300,000; a majority of discrimination, harassment, and wrongful-termination suits could have been easily avoided if organizations had stronger policies and procedures in place to address employee complaints. If needed, we have standard policies that can be easily added to your existing manuals to ensure your organization is compliant with federal, state, and local laws as well as HR best practices. Additionally, we can assist in ensuring you have the right procedures in place that are both streamlined and in alignment with HR best practices to ensure equal treatment for all of your employees.

Ongoing Employee Support

  • Educating your team is an investment in your organization. That investment allows your employees to grow their skill set, thereby allowing you to obtain a competitive advantage over your competition. But education is only the first part. To truly attain success, there must be ongoing support for your employees focusing on transparent and open lines of communication, which work to reduce employee tensions and increase satisfaction.

  • Ask an Expert

    Your employees have unlimited access to our team of experts to further their knowledge. This feature provides your employees an opportunity to ask specific questions related to diversity and inclusion. Perhaps there was a topic covered in training they did not fully understand or would like additional information. Or they may have a situation occurring in the workplace and want to know the best way to address it while ensuring they value, appreciate, and respect all parties involved. Ask an Expert is a quick and easy way for your employees to continue to grow their knowledge base, thereby allowing the culture of inclusion in your organization to thrive.

  • Report an Incident

    A key to inclusion is not just being given a seat at the table, but also allowing everyone at the table to have a voice. Our platform provides your employees a channel where their voices are heard. When incidents are reported early, they are easier to address. Many employees will make an initial report to a supervisor, who may lack the knowledge to address the situation properly. When reporting via the Opinly Platform, your designated company administrator is immediately notified of the incident and can take the proper steps toward resolution while mitigating additional risk for your organization. Upon request, our team is here to help; we are well versed in the HR & legal aspects of incident resolution.

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